When you arrive Pearson Airport TERMINAL 1 (One) .....
You should call us (see below contact info) and tell us that you have arrived and check-out already. Please stand on the indicated location so we can find you (see below pictures). After you called us we will be at the airport around 30 minutes depending on the traffic but but........most of the time our driver will standby near to the Pearson Aiport. Please call or email or text or WhatsApp or Viber us if you change your mind not to use our airport service before your departure, if not the airport pick-up fee will be charge when you check in.

How to contact us at airport - Local calls for Toronto starts with 416 ,647, 437,905 (some area)
You need 50cents (25¢x2) to make a local call by using Bell pay phone, you can get change at the newspaper stand/gift shop.
Go to airport customer service desk, you might get free phone call fom there
Log in Pearson Airport free WIFI, you can find me (647-891-6886) on WhatsApp and Viber. Text (preferred) or call
You need to dial 647-891-6886 (Thomas) or 416-498-7913 (Carol) when you finished the immigration process

Where should you stand and wait for the driver

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Toronto Pearson Impotant Phone Number

Customer Service/Airport Inquiries/General Information:
Terminal 1 and Terminal 3: (416) AIR-PORT (416) 247-7678
Toll Free: 1-866-207-1690 TTY: (416) 776-3843 TTY Toll Free: 1-866-603-4495

Lost and Found:

For lost passports, please call the Canada Border Service Agency's dedicated number at Toronto Pearson: 905-676-5380.
Please note that all items lost on board an aircraft are the responsibility of the airline. In these cases, please contact the airline directly.

Greater Toronto Airports Authority
GTAA Administration Phone: (416) 776-3000